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Wi-Fi Channel Configuration

Please allow manual Wi-Fi channel configuration.


I have a 2 node wired backhaul system in bridge mode. Everything works great most of the time.


The problem happens sometimes upon reboot of a node. It picks a conflicting 5GHz channel and won't even change it alter I run the Channel Finder. It would be nice if advanced users have the option to lock in the channel settings on each node.

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Re: Wi-Fi Channel Configuration

Hello, KMPeSales. You can actually modify the Wi-Fi channels manually. It is done by accessing the Velop's Web UI and by clicking the CA link below to see the advanced configurations. Click on Wireless to start configuring the desired wireless channel. This link may be of help.


Feel free to update this thread should you encounter difficulties along the way.

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Re: Wi-Fi Channel Configuration

Thank you @Dennis_B

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Re: Wi-Fi Channel Configuration

Just following up on this thread. The feature has been removed in the later firmware versions. Please reinstate it!!