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Cable company wireless router/modem is faster

I was at my mother in law's house today and she has Charter/spectrum 100mbps. I was able to get 95mbps connected to her crappy Motorola modem/wofo router from the provider.

I have a $500 velop system and I have 1gbps fiber and I consistently only get 17mbps!

This is unacceptable! What is the deal here?

I am on the latest non-disaster firmware.

I will do a factory reset tomorrow to take one more shot and then I will be demanding that BELKIN takes this stuff back. I spoke with you at CES last year before I bought this thing and I was so excited. It has turned out to be a disaster!

The worst plan for how they are going to resolve. I still can't believe that we haven't seen more from them. The last 2 firmware uploads have been a disaster. Who are the managers running this company? I manage a top 3 medical device service business and we would never respond like this.
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Re: Cable company wireless router/modem is faster

Hi, rgtwng.
Allow us to rectify the situation by escalating your case to our 2nd Level Support Team. Please email us the following details at


Firmware version of the Velop:

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Re: Cable company wireless router/modem is faster

I have this same issue. I’ve dealt with the 2nd level support team and nothing changed.