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CenturyLink FTTH - thank you

Mainly documenting this for others who are in my predicament.


I have CenturyLink gigabit fiber - which is great, but also a little painful.


CenturyLink provides a modem with their service - in my case a ZyXel C1100Z modem/router.  Not bad, but limited wireless capability in a 4,000 sq. ft. house.


Their setup has an ONT that converts the fiber optic cable to ethernet cable.  Then, you need a device that can support PPPoE and also VLAN tagging.  PPPoE is diffcult enough to find, but VLAN tagging is usually only on corporate networking gear.


I had a Google Wifi mesh - worked OK, support PPPoE - but no VLAN tagging.  Even after using a switch to tag 201 on the packets, the G Wifi would disconnect, so I had to keep the C1100Z in place and always had a double NAT situation. Had been waiting on a fix for 8 months.


So, I finally gave up and found the Velop - has PPPoE, VLAN Tagging, and as an extra bonus in the browser based setup, can support the ipv6 6rd configuration that CenturyLink has in place and seems to be providing good coverage.


Now, I have a single router with a static IP, ipv6 working correctly, a mesh across the whole house and several switches providing wired networking throughout the house as well.


Devices installed:


Ring Doorbell

Synology NAS

TiVo Roamio

4 Amazon Fire TVs

3 Xbox Ones

4 hardwired PCs for gaming

4 Sonos players

3 Nest Protects

1 Nest Thermostat

an alarm system

Oooma phone service with two lines

Philips HUE with 10 bulbs

a couple of wired and wireless printers

lots of tablets and phones


With 7 kids coming and going, we have at least 30 devices on at any given time.  The double NAT caused all kinds of problems since I also use Skype for Business, Xbox games, etc.


So far so good - 3 days in, everything seems to be stable and fast.  We will see if it can stay on without resetting for long.


This system seems to be the closest thing yet to success.


It probably helps that your dev team lives in Seattle - since that is CenturyLink FTTH, too...


Thanks, Linksys!


I have only WPA2 on and WPS turned off - and I haven't seen any of the disconnects everyone else is talking about.

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Re: CenturyLink FTTH - thank you

Hey dklane012,


Do you have an update on this? I'm assuming it is working well for you at this point.


Did the CenturyLink tech setup your Velop? Or is there a guide on how to do this?


I currently have the Velop and am considering CenturyLink. I'd like to avoid purchasing the "modem".

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Re: CenturyLink FTTH - thank you

@mikejfagan, I was able to set up CenturyLink gigabit on my Velops as well. It's really simple.


  1. Go to the web GUI in your browser (default and log in.
  2. On the left menu, under Router Settings, click Connectivity.
  3. In the Connectivity menu, click the Internet Settings tab.
  4. Click Edit next to the Type of Internet Connection header.
  5. Change Connection Type to PPPoE.  Enter your Username and Password from CenturyLink
    • NOTE:  The Username should NOT include or other suffix of your login username.  Example: If your username is, use mycenturylinkname123.  The Zyxel routers Centurylink provides use the full address, but Velop does not.
  6. Set VLAN ID to 201
  7. Apply settings and enjoy your Centurylink service!
  8. Make sure you return Centurylink's "modem" (it's a router, not a modem) - you will keep the fiber ONT without additional monthly charges.
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Re: CenturyLink FTTH - thank you

Since I bought my house new I was able to put at least 1 network drop in each room. The wiring resides in the basement. I need something to connect to the VELOP port so that I can connect my other five rooms.... The 2 ports aren't practical in the basement and at my living room tv or my office. Most primary devices are wired.... But with 5 Iphone's and iPad's and all there friends I need a great mesh network..... What switches do you suggest?
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Re: CenturyLink FTTH - thank you

Any of the LGS switchs will work nicely. For increased control over your network I recommend the LGS5XX or LGS3XX managed switches.

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Re: CenturyLink FTTH - thank you

I just got my fiber setup. I followed your steps to get everything setup. The only difference is that they told me to include the (important to note qWest, not Quest) on my username. Everything works! Now I can get rid of the "modem" that was making my network be weird.

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Re: CenturyLink FTTH - thank you

Hey dklane012,


Do you mind sharing your 6rd settings? I'm looking to set that up on my PC. When I test it, it doesn't appear to be setup correctly.


What kind of speeds are you guys getting? I'm only seeing 300 to 550 Mbps download. I called CL, but they didn't seem to understand why I didn't have my modem installed anymore and the Double NAT issue I was having that made me do it. I haven't tested without the Velop to see how fast of speed I get without Velop. I'll have to test that out.