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Channel Finder and Child Nodes

I have a 4 node system in my 5,000 Sq ft home. 3 spaces throughout the main floor and 1 in the basement. I've seen suggestions that Channel Finder will help the child nodes find the best back channels for them to communicate. However, doing this will almost always change the channel. Can my home really have so much interference that the optimal channels are always changing? Or is Velop resetting the channels back to a default channel after a certain period of time?

Also, my Parent node is located in a corner of the house due to the modems location. The Linksys app advises me that all the Child nodes are connected to the Parent node, even though some Child nodes are closer to each other than the Parent, with seemingly less obstruction and interference. Is there a way to designate which node a child node connects to for the wireless back haul?
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Re: Channel Finder and Child Nodes

Based on my experience, the channel finder automatically runs on a regular basis - sometimes with not great results so yes, its probably resetting them. (let me guess - channels 36 and 149?)

The mesh topology should be adjusting based on the signal strength - to check it open up a browser to (or whatever the main node IP address is) and look for a section labelled 'bh_report'. This will show you the child nodes, the channels they are using but also the detected signal strength.

You can also run this process on the child nodes, but in my experience they don't seem to have the bh_report info populated (that may just be my setup)
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Re: Channel Finder and Child Nodes

Hi, JonKneeV! Please email us at along with your contact details, community username, and the link to this community thread for reference and we can have our Escalation Engineers assist you further on this matter. Thanks.

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