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Re: Child Node/Blue Light

I walked over to my child node to see if I could get a better handle on how long between pulses.  After staring at it for a couple min, I gave up and started doing something else while watching out of the corner of my eye and sure enough, it pulsed again.  It was over two min.  So I then stared at it reliably for the next 10+ min and...  nothing.  So it may not have a pattern, but is responding to some sort of signal of even elsewhere in the system.  I know the first time I noticed it was less than 5 min between pulses.

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Re: Child Node/Blue Light

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Brokk wrote:

Same issue here.  Although both of my child nodes are wired.  The light is solid light blue.  However if I stare at it for a minute or so, it fades and comes back.  Like a pulse.  Then stays solid blue for another minute.  Is this normal or not?  There is no mention of this behavior anywhere I can find.



I have tried going to the web-admin page for the child node, but as others note, it redirects me to the parent node IP address.  The parent admin does not let me look at the child nodes (bridge mode)




same here...


I have monitored the connection with a ICMP monitor but  I cannot see any packet loss when this behavior is occurring again.


I have now contacted the Linksys support. I´ll keep you updated.




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Re: Child Node/Blue Light

SamBGB wrote:

I am seeing the same issue, I can't login to the child nodes directly as the web page redirects to the parent node The light on one node seems to flash slowley from a blue to a light blue and then to darker blue and then continues the cycle.


Any ideas?

Try accessing any child node by adding /ca to its IP.