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Dear Linksys

Dear Linksys,


This is an open letter from one of your Velop customers. There is a lot of frustration on this board about the lack of updates and failed firmware updates of your product. Any issues reported are 'escalated to engineers'.


I think it would be great and useful if one of your developers (maybe through a moderator) posts a message honestly explaining the issues faced in the past, and the near and longterm future of the product.


This is the only way to maintain your customers happy and engaged. Otherwise you risk that this board continous to be flooded with people who have negative experiences.


Hoping for a response,

A frustrated customer.

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Re: Dear Linksys

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I implore Linksys to have their "escalation engineers" start participating directly in this board. No one wants to have their concerns taken "offline" in order for the brand to save face and then have a support specialist go through standard protocol for things we know won't work.


I have the belief that the people who are most frustrated with this product are your more technically-inclined customers. That's why we come here in the first place, rather than going to support, because forums are typically great places to have open conversation with other technical folks to get REAL solutions. Why create duplicate work for yourselves by hiding the shame of your product's issues when you can help yourselves (and us, most importantly) find the answers right here?


Please stop making this about PR management and start actually publicly addressing your customers - that's the best PR management. No one wants the "bot" response of "Let's get your issue in front of our escalation engineers" - the issues are right here. Have THEM come read and respond.