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Modem-Router Firewall

So I have been having endless problems for about 6 months with my Velop.  I am in the UK, and have a Vodafone Connect Modem-Router that is ethernet into the Parent Node.  In total I have 8 nodes over a 4 storey house - it is a terraced house, so I would say that there is a lot of wifi and noise from other networks nearby.


The main problem I had was with the mobile devices (iPads & iPhones) - when moving between nodes they would loose internet connection.  It would resolve itself after about 10 minutes of not moving.


Having spoken to the Linksys helpline a number of times, I have disabled IPv6 and also manually set the channel to 6 - apparently with 8 nodes the Velop App Channel Finder will not work.


Yesterday, I switched off the firewall and DHCP on the Vodafone Connect Modem Router and I have had about 24 hours of stability - probably the longest I have ever acheived!!  I am cautiously optimistic that my problem has been resolved...  my basic, non-technical understanding is that it may have been a similiar issue to double NAT, where there were 2 DHCP's trying to resolve IP addresses.


One quesiton I had is on the firewall.  I am assuming that as the firewall on the Velop is still enabled, I am alright.  The Vodafone Modem Router is operating more like a modem only, with the firewall and DHCP disabled.  I just wanted to confirm that this is alright and that the Velop Firewall will protect me enough.


Also - for those out there that are having problems, perhaps this might help you resolve...  I am a little disappointed that it took so long to come to this solution - the setup on the Velop, I thought, specifically dealt with having modem-router for access to the internet didn't even consider this.  Also, for those in the UK, I think that BT and Vodafone (not sure about other providers as these are the only 2 I have had since my velop), insist that you use their modem-routers for access to the fibre...

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Re: Modem-Router Firewall

That setup should be fine. Your network is currently protected by the Velop's firewall. However, If you need additional protection,  you can also install 3rd party firewalls in the system.

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