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Multiple issues during set up


Hope someone can help me. I already spent several hours tryning to set the velop up and still I can't get titto work as I was expecting based on teh great reviews.  I completed all the installation steps and everything seemed ok (although it seems that teh nodes had to be really close for them to connect properly).


It was not the fastest conection but at least my devices were seing teh wifi. Also the lights in all units were solid blue right after completing setup. During that brief period of time this is what i saw:

Slow and unstable connection(devices will connect and disconnect)

App was not capturing the list of devices connected



Then I was prompted to do a firmware update. After thsi update I lost connection to most of my devices and I couldn't  reconnect them back even after this firmware update was completed. My house is 3000 sq ft, single level with an L shape. The parent router is installed at the very end of the bottom part of the L, the second node at the corner and the third  at the other end. 



At this point I have switched back to my old router because I work from home and needed to be conncted but I really want to make the Velop home wifi to work.


I am not sure how to proceed next. Should I reset all the nodes and restart setting up from scratch?


Can someone guide me through teh process please?








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Re: Multiple issues during set up



Yes, you can re-configure your Velop. For procedure on how to reset, you can check out this page:


For setup procedure, please visit:


You can also contact our support hotline and someone will assist you on your concerns:

Velop Support: 800-986-0518


Hope this helps