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Re: Parental Control Not Working

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Hi, Everyone.


Make sure that the router and browser time in the UI is synced. BTW, let's get this case over to our 2nd Level Support Team for further isolation. Please email us the following details at


- Full name

- Phone Number

- Location

- Community username

- Link to this Community thread

- Model number of your router

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Re: Parental Control Not Working

Did all of the above. A support rep contacted me via email immediately. First they me check that the firmware was updated and also to send the model number. I responded with a screenshot within the app showing the firmware was fully updated and one of the model number. They then asked me to disable IPV6, which is a little frustrating that this would be the only remedy, but I did it anyway. I restarted the system, but this didnt work. I sent back a screenshot of IPV6 disabled and also a screenshot of a "blocked" device from the app showing that the device should've been blocked at that moment -- proven by the time of the schedule, the router time in the app, and also that it concided with my cell phone time in the upper right corner. This was all 2 days ago, and I havent heard back from the rep since. Will be sending all 3 nodes back.
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Re: Parental Control Not Working

Parental controls are not working. Spent couple of hours, no luck. Firmware is upto date (WRTAC 1900 -- Was under the impression that my kids were blocked from accessing couple of website, realized today that they are not. I see many people complaining about the same issue. Would appreciate if any of you have a fix for this issue.  

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Re: Parental Control Not Working

Blocking PCs (personal computers) in Parental Control section of Linksys app for our Velop is still allowing youtube to play. Most other websites are blocked as expected. Haven't tried some of the additional "problem" websites mentioned, such as, Netflix, yet.

Any news on when this will be fixed?

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Re: Parental Control Not Working



Given that it's nearly 1 year since the first reports of this, there's no hope for a quick fix on the horizon.  


As one of the more vocal members here (I've dropped $700+ on my 4-node system) I will say that if this is an important issue for you, return it if you can and save yourself the family drama.  


For most of us here, our hopes for a fix lastest beyond our return date and we still sit waiting.

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Re: Parental Control Not Working

I hear you. Mine is also past the return date.
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Re: Parental Control Not Working

Anyone try ASUS routers?