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Re: Red light on all nodes. Wifi still works

Hello - See the notes from earlier this year (today is December 6th).  Just got my Velop system and am experiencing this problem with red light on node(s) but internet is working.  I'm using as my DNS service rather than using my ISP (which is Comcast/Xfinity) and I'm up to date on firmware as far as I know (updated on setup, auto-update on).  Is this problem still being worked?  Thanks.

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Re: Red light on all nodes. Wifi still works

Linksys_Lucas wrote:

rburrows69 wrote:

yes - I've seen this before.  I believe its a problem with the DNS server (either locally or the config its getting from the ISP) resulting in whatever 'test' the Velop uses to validate internet connectivity is failing.


Any of the Linksys guys know how the Velop verifies connection to the internet? It doesnt look like something as simple as it has an IP address from the modem.

We are hoping this issue should be resolved in the next firmware release. It is purely a cosmetic issue at this point though. Actual point of failure is more related to timing of the system checks for internet as opposed to a failure. For testing connectivity we do a few tests to determine if the connection is up. One tests DNS while the others do pings directly to the IP of several top level DNS servers to validate connection. For those of you that have been navigating into the sysinfo you can see the details about halfway through the log.

And what gets broken in the next next software release?? Isn't that how this works? Fix one thing break something else?


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Re: Red light on all nodes. Wifi still works

I was cautiously optimistic that perhaps the latest firmware would fix the red LED, but I'm disappointed to report that it does not.


I just updated the firmware on all five of my units to firmware version, and the LED is still red on all units.


Caveat:  I have a physical UTM firewall that provides DHCP, so the Velop units are in bridge mode.  I understand that at one point last year, this was the expected "normal" behaviour; however, I've been told by support that a future firmware update was supposed to address this.  


One support person suggested that I create a DMZ and place the primary unit into the DMZ.  That would defeat the purpose of having a Firewall in the first place, leaving my WIFI network unprotected.  However, it also tells me that there must be some mechanism for the Velop to determine whether it has access to the Internet, by making some kind of call out to an Internet server.  What I've asked for (and have not yet received a solid answer to) is what this method/mechanism is and what protocol it uses, so I can configure certain types of outbound/inbound rule/s on my Firewall for the Velop to "think" it has access to the Internet and report likewise.


Also perhaps worthy to note:  When I first open my Linksys Velop app on my iOS device, the globe on the top left under the Dashboard header shows blue for a split-second before it shows the yellow/orange X next to it.  Above that, it also shows that Velop "thinks" that my SSID is "Offline".  However, I have no issues accessing the Internet over the Velop mesh WIFI.


I would be curious to hear from someone from the backline support or engineering team at Linksys when they're planning to release a firmware update that will resolve this red LED issue for good, even when the Velop units are in bridge mode.


Look forward to a response and a realistic date for when I can expect to have this red LED issue resolved.

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Re: Red light on all nodes. Wifi still works

Mine was working perfect, all 6 nodes, then i put it into bridge mode because i have a firewall in the house and now all the nodes light up red, wifi still works but some nodes seem to be totally offline as the signal strenghth is very low even right next to it, there is no way for me to tell which node is working and not working.

I open the app and it switches from offline to online non stop, but again, for the most part wifi is working.

May take these back and get the ORBI's.