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Re: Sonos Connection Issues?

What is the current status of this issue?


When is a PERMANENT FIX being released?  I'm supposed to have a new VELOP system delivered on Wednesday.

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Re: Sonos Connection Issues?

I too have been having this problem. It seems that after installing the Velop three nodes that my Sosos began to get buggy until, a month and a half later, my Sonos system now has so many issues that it's not useable. Songs skip forward. Radio play actually skips backwards somehow before stopping all together. Grouping Sonoses (Sonosi?) takes several attempts. Songs in one room would drop out when forwarding through a song. Alarms only work half the time.

I spent two hours on the phone with Sonos help and they were pretty useless; telling me to plug and unplug my Sonos boxes as I already knew to do and already had done before they pretty much gave up telling me my network had "latency issues" but not giving me any suggestions on what to fix or buy.

Nothing like this happened before I got Velop. And since I'm much more heavily invested into Sonos (and there isn't really another option) I am going to have to get a new router system if Velop can't fix this problem.

I worry that going the Sonos boost route will not be great since before Velop I had to wire several of my Sonos units in to my network since the signals were weak.
I could do the splitting of the two Velop bands, but worry that if my IPhone is on the 5GHZ band, it won't find and control the Sonos on the 2.4 one.

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Re: Sonos Connection Issues?

FWIW, I had a ton of issues with my Sonos speakers (Playbase, Sub, Play:5, Play:1) and my Velop, until I connected my Playbase directly to the parent Velop node via ethernet.  That solved all of the issues I was having.  I recall, via Sonos tech support, having to make some settings changes on the Sonos app (iPhone) to get everything sorted, but once I did, the issues have resolved.  Now, to only figure out the connectivity issues with my Haiku Home fans...  Other than a basic computer or smartphone, it seems lots of devices have issues with the Velop but don't with other mesh-type routers.  Why, Linksys?!?!

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Re: Sonos Connection Issues?

Same sad state of affairs here. 5 velop nodes and 4 sonos speakers. Speakers keep disappearing and my playbar cannot even be set up.
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Re: Sonos Connection Issues?

Kindly try the workarounds being shared in this thread, Vjkharris. Email the results at, and include the link to this post, and your phone number + location.

Linksys Technical Support
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Re: Sonos Connection Issues?

Klaudette_S: No one want to split out the wifi bands. Defeats the whole point of having a mesh system. 


You need to solve the Sonos issue for folks.

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Re: Sonos Connection Issues?

After reading this thread, I purchased a used Sonos Boost on eBay which so far has solved the erratic connection problems I was having with a pair of Sonos 3 speakers in an upstairs bedroom (two floors above my router). I wired the Boost with an ethernet cable to the parent Velop node and rebooted everything.

To be honest, even before I purchased a three node Velop system, I was having intermittent connection problems with Sonos, despite using a Sonos bridge.

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Re: Sonos Connection Issues?

Hi I've now been through each of the recommendations. Splitting the WiFi bands, connecting via a Boost, connecting via Boost thru the primary Velop, wiring some components directly instead/as well as the Boost. But still get issues. I'm Boost setup this is mostly disappearing Players which periodically drop off and then return at other times. In 'Standard' or WiFi setup this is regular track skipping when play the music library (less so from Spotify) and intermittent clearing of the play queue and patchy playback.

Is there anything more official from Linksys. Given the comments about Google WiFi it may be that the only real option is a return of the Velop and a replacement.
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Re: Sonos Connection Issues?

I've always been a linksys fan so I bought the Velop despite reading all the problems on this forum.

After 3 days I had experienced all the problems in this thread and others.

I returned my Velop and picked up an Orbi. Zero issues since switching.
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Re: Sonos Connection Issues?

I had the same problem @bongoroobarb:. Boost and 2 speakers hardwired. Speaker sets were disappearing on and off. This time I called Sonos. They asked me to send a diagnostics and found that signal were good with one and mixed with the other. So they asked me to disconnect one of the hardwired speakers. I was then asked to re boot and since then (1 month) , the Sonos system has been pretty stable , as in pre-Velop stable. Why don't you try that? Hope it helps.