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Tivo Bolt won't connect to Velop network

I installed our new Velop network yesterday.  The process was a breeze and 15 devices in our household connected seamlessly. However, our Tivo Bolt refuses to connect to the network.  (It worked fine with our old wifi network.).  After five hours of working on this today, I have been passed back and forth between Tivo and Linksys customer support multiple times.  Tivo gave me seven ports that I needed to have opened on the router.  The Linksys tech helped me do this.  However, the Tivo still gives me an error saying there is a problem with my network settings.  


Has anyone else come across a problem like this?


I would appreciate ANY suggestions!

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Re: Tivo Bolt won't connect to Velop network

Hi, kendalLet's sort this out, is it true for both 2.4 and 5 GHz network where you're unable to connect? Try to run the channel finder manually, see if it will make any difference at all. Make sure that the Velop System runs the latest firmware

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