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Two child nodes wired together?

I have just setup a 4 node Velop network. The parent node is wired to the router and the 3 children are wirelessly connected to the parent. 


The problem I have is that one node is in an extension which has an exterior wall and a load or steel RSJ beams between the other nodes. This node got connected initially but now it has dropped off completely. 


I have considered connecting this node with an PowerLine Ethernet but PowerLine adapters can be problematic too. 


Could I drill a hole through the extension into the main house and hardwire two child nodes together?


So it would look like: (---- = hard line and > > > >  = WiFi)


Modem/Router-------------Parent Node > > > > > > Child 1---------Child 3

                                                          > > > > > > Child 2


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Re: Two child nodes wired together?

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You can actually daisy chain the nodes using an ehternet cable, LewisC.  Just to clarify your diagram, do you mean to say that the parent node is connected wired to the modem/router, and you have the child node 1 connected to the parent node wirelessly, and child node 3 is wired to the child node 1, and the child node 2 is connected wirelessly? If that's the setup you want, it should work. 

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Re: Two child nodes wired together?

Hi Jose_C, yes that is the setup I am looking to achieve. Thanks for confirming this.