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Two different subnets showing up on Network

Im running in Bridge mode and one of my Velop slave nodes is showing a differnt IP than the rest of the network. When I look at the sysinfo page I can see a couple different clients on the network have this same subnet. 

Is is possible the Velop system is still trying to assign IP's?


Modem is assigning 192.168.1.XXX

Odd ip is 169.254.66.XXX


58:EF:68:3D:7D:B4     wired     Up    Office        slave  
      "    "    "    "    "    "    "    "  "    "    "     "                                                               

I am havving nodes drop off and show offline allot in the app which doesnt seem to be causing an issue but have noticed upload speeds and some node download speeds are slow. Node speedsrange from 60-300 down and all max out about 30 up. If I plug in wired directly to the network I can get about 900 down and up.



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Re: Two different subnets showing up on Network

169.254 is a dhcp client that didn't get an IP address so it reverts to P.I.A (private internet addressing) where it self selects an address in that range. The Velop is picking them up in the ARP cache. <br><br>This seems to be a problem in bridge mode with the current firmware where the DHCP request \ offer isn't getting passed through the Velop from the main router to the client - and so the client reverts to P.I.A. Most clients seem to get an address when they try again but this might involve a connect\disconnect to force the request.