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Re: Velop Range

RobW67 wrote:



Could you elaborate if there are any brick or concrete walls between the access points in your situation?


I have tried setting my system up for two day's, but when a node is one floor higher (steel enforced concrete) it is not able to connect, although the distance is no more than 10 mtr (about 30 ft)


I even tried to get the nodes to communicte via the ethernet cable, by connecting all of them via switches, but even then they don't seem to be able to find them.


My 8 year old Vigor 800 AP has a range that currently seems to go further than the Velop system. So I hope I'm either doing something wrong, or that the system is not good, because right now I'm quite disapointed.


(also because al basis feeatures, e.g. MAC adres filetering, don't work if you put it in bridge mode like a real Access Point)

 Hi RobW

    Can you describe your exact configuration and what version of the firmware you're using? Also how many Velop nodes do you have?

   For example:

         modem -> Velop (?) -> ?



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Re: Velop Range



My issue is no longer valid, I have returned the Velop system to the store.


Turned out the the Velop system is not 'designed' to work with mixed wired and wireless network (my wording).


If you use the standard Velop setup, you can not control the sosnos equipment connected to the wired (and switched) network.


Only way to resolve this is to put the Velop in basic mode. And than you loose security functions, like MAC address filtering, that are to important for me.

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Re: Velop Range

This is all very disappointing to hear.  I have a larger than average requirement and current have a powerful Netgear Nighthawk that creates a big bubble, but with definite blind spots.  The house has Cat-5 running throughout the house back to a switch centrally located in the middle of the house in the basement furnace room where the Nighthawk is also located.  


I liked the idea of leveraging the Cat-5 backbone to create independent bubbles on the same network throughout the property to deliver content and to tie together the various smart home technologies I have.  Conceptionally Velop was the answer, but apparently it's not yet up to the claims that it makes.  


I'm just glad I held off until I did the research.

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Re: Velop Range

Hi Maersk7,

I have found another option, thats is cable of MAC dress filtering and is transparent to a switched network and also provides a mesh network.

check out Ubiquiti, I'm going for the unfi AC-PRO