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Velop Range

I recently started the Velop installation process.  Besides finding out the Velop nodes do not work with a modem in the bridge mode, I found the addtional nodes would not connect with any appreiable speed or range.  I had to local the 2nd node about 15 ft. frm the 1st node.  


Any ideas on getting the full range out of these products?



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Re: Velop Range

That seems odd, unless perhaps the signal is having to pass through some difficult construction materials in your home (like perhaps metal lathe that they used many years ago for plaster walls, and I've also read that the silver coating on mirrors can obstruct WiFi).


My wireless node is about 20-25ft. away horizontally (and a floor down), with the signal passing through a floor and a couple of walls, and I get a strong enough signal to get about 400mb/s throughput on the backhaul.

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Re: Velop Range

I agree and find the 5Ghz range very poor as compared to other wireless routers in the past (ASUS AC-RT68U).  You need to be VERY careful with how far apart you place the nodes.  I get there's walls and interference etc but am quite disappointed with the radios and antennas.  They had a great opportunity here - especially with the size of the units to equipment them with a more performant design.


I complete disagree with their square foot assessment per node.  With backhaul on 5ghz they need to be very close which drops their coverage claim.


I'm close to buying Orbi just to see their range for backhaul as a comparison.

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Re: Velop Range

I'm using a 3 node system both with wireless and wired backhaul with the nodes on two floors and about 30 ft. apart in both directions. Both child nodes are line of sight to each other and with wireless backhaul I'm getting over 400 Mbps. I've used Netgear Orbi as well and the backhaul is pretty close to the Velop. Your performance is nowhere near what it's supposed to be. Granted the software has a lot to be desired but in my case the hardware has performed as advertised.
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Re: Velop Range

I am looking at replacing my NG R8500 with a Mesh system.  I was disappointed to learn that the Orbi with it's ac3000 was not a true mesh system.  My coverage requirement is spreadout and the 'big' bubble of my R8500 leaves me with too many dead spots.


I was struck by SoCalPaul's assertion that the backhaul could be 'wired'.  I have cat-5 running everywhere.  A wired backhaul would help me overcome some potential node locations that are otherwise obstructed by structural steel and dense walls.


I have not found any other reference to Linksys having a wired backhaul capability.  Can you point me in the direction of this information?

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Re: Velop Range

Hi, Maersk7. The Linksys Velop do support wired backhaul. For setup instructions, click here.

Linksys Technical Support
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Re: Velop Range

Chris... Thank you.  I like the idea of leveraging the fact that my house is completed wired. The locations aren't ideal, but it would solve for at least one trouble spot.  

Just to be clear, I haven't purchased a mesh system yet.  I would be replacing a NG R8500 Nighthawk which creates a big wifi bubble, but it does reach everywhere. 

Linksys is in the running. I think that I would have moved forward with Linksys had there not been so many negative initial write-ups about the solfware.

I don't know that it matters that it is only AC2200. Especially given the wired backhaul.


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Re: Velop Range

I recommend resetting the nodes and resetting the nodes back up via app. I have my nodes (3) in a 3900 sq ft house 2 stories (block walls and wood) and they are very far apart but work perfect. 

another thing once everything is setup reboot your modem/router (not the nodes) 


i can connect a block away from my house. gotta be something in the setup and i have mine in bridge mode (you change it AFTER you set all the nodes up and reboot etc

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Re: Velop Range


I think you're introducing a number of new concepts here.  Are you proposing that I continue to use the R8500 as the main wireless router, set up the Velop nodes in Bridge mode, and connect them via wired (Cat-5) backhaul...


That's sounds too good to be true, and above my technology know-how.


Can you correct my assertion, or elaborate on the setup you're suggesting.


Background Information

3 stories

8300 sq ft.

R8500 is centrally located in the home.

CAT-5 cable throughout the house.

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Re: Velop Range



Could you elaborate if there are any brick or concrete walls between the access points in your situation?


I have tried setting my system up for two day's, but when a node is one floor higher (steel enforced concrete) it is not able to connect, although the distance is no more than 10 mtr (about 30 ft)


I even tried to get the nodes to communicte via the ethernet cable, by connecting all of them via switches, but even then they don't seem to be able to find them.


My 8 year old Vigor 800 AP has a range that currently seems to go further than the Velop system. So I hope I'm either doing something wrong, or that the system is not good, because right now I'm quite disapointed.


(also because al basis feeatures, e.g. MAC adres filetering, don't work if you put it in bridge mode like a real Access Point)