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Velop Setup with BT Infinity

Hi, trying to set up my 3 node Velop with no luck at all. 


For some reason the velop cannot find my modem. It says I can enter a static IP address details but I don't know these or even if they apply. 


Can someone help?

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Re: Velop Setup with BT Infinity

Help is here, danhodgson. We'll have our 2nd level support team assist you with this matter, please email us at the following details:

-Full Name
-Community username
-Phone number
-Link to this community thread

Let’s take it from there.

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Re: Velop Setup with BT Infinity

Unplug all the Velop nodes. Then only connect one node (primary) to the modem and set it up first. After the primary node is configured add the other two nodes one at a time and in close proximity to the primary node. After the other two nodes are configured move them to their permanent location.


For the secondary nodes the LED can go yellow for a short time and then solid blue but staying solid yellow will be problematic.

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Re: Velop Setup with BT Infinity

I have the same problem.
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Re: Velop Setup with BT Infinity

Any solution to this issue? I’m having the same problem.
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Re: Velop Setup with BT Infinity

Hi, gvaldes. Were you able to follow through on the workarounds shared by ? If that did not rectify the issue, please email us at along with the following details asked by .

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Re: Velop Setup with BT Infinity

I struggled with Velop automatic set up for BT Infinity (FTTC service) but got it working as follows. Just to say I have a BT Openreach Modem going to a Asus RT66 VDSL capable router (ie supports PPPoE). The router was previously a HomeHub4 but this is sort of irrelevant anyway as router is physically removed from the network.


I connected Openreach Modem (as instructed on iPad set up app) to Velop Parent.  I used "" as ID and had PSW of BT (but I don't think PSW is necessary. I did not put in any value for VLAN (some had suggested value 101 for this FTTC service).


No luck - no internet.


I carried on without internet access and completed set up. I then returned to app.


Went to Advanced Setting - Internet Settings - Additional Settings - MTU and set MTU as Manual - Size1492.


Everything good after that.  Now have 3 Node Velop with ethernet backhaul (via dumb switch) connected to other LAN port on Primary.