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Re: Velop and TP Link Powerline Gigabit Adapters - Well I thought it was a good idea at the time!

16 or 17 clients on the network but no different than it was the previous night when I was getting 300+ mbps and no the only thing using any bandwidth was kodi/amazon tv I was using to test.


Middle of the day only me and the dog (he's not a gamer) and all the neighbours out at work.


Too be fair, at the router was still getting 940mbps


What I didn't bother to check was plugging into the master node and testing the speed there, but that would have involved me dismantaling my backhaul which I managed to get working properly last night, so you can imagine my reluctance to change anything that was working fine and now isn't.


As it happened on the Wifi scanner I have on Amazon TV/Kodi it was showing 5ghz connected but throughput speed of only 80mbps, last night it was showing 1560mbps (I wish)

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Re: Velop and TP Link Powerline Gigabit Adapters - Well I thought it was a good idea at the time!

Ok just to share my pain as this is becoming "Velop Therapy"


Ended up resetting and re-installing them all again.


Just after reinstall in "velop mode", with no backhaul I got 250(ish)mbps.

Ran the Channel Scanner thing... all of a sudden lost 5ghz on 2 nodes and only the master node showing 5ghz

Ran the Channel Scanner thing again... no change, just ponced about with the 2.4ghz channels.. master still only node with 5ghz


Put them all onto Bridge Mode

Slightly better I got 2 channels on 5ghz, master and furthest node (bearing in mind furthest is less than 6m away)

Ran the Channel Scanner thing... ok lost 5ghz on furthest node and only master now showing as 5ghz


Put them back into velop mode

Ah ha... got 2 channels on 5ghz, again though master and furthest away speed on the 5ghz stood next to it around 300mbps

Ran the Channel Scanner thing... lost 5ghz on furthest and only master showing 5ghz

Hmm... ok set the channels to separate SSID's, Still only the master showing as 5ghz


Switched them all off, connected CAT7 cables to velop and powerlines, switched back on again.

Got 3 x 5ghz channels available (one on each node) and connection speed of 250mbps or thereabouts

Switched them into Bridge mode... still got 3 x 5ghz and connection speed of 350mbps

Didn't channel scan as thought I'd lose it again!


Returned 24hours later with no changes to the velops and find I have 1 master on 5ghz, everything else on 2.4ghz and a connection speed of 85mbps or thereabouts.

Ran the Channel Scanner thing... no change and speed the same @85mbps or thereabouts


Currently having an ongoing conversation with a support person, but so far not asked anything I haven't already tried.


For me:

The channel scanner seems to create more problems than it fixes

It seems the Velops are trying to be too clever and swapping channels to get the best signal for velop and not the user

Does wifi backhaul really need to be on the 5ghz channel, why can't it use the 2.4ghz which is more stable and capable of longer distances thereby freeing up the 5ghz for speed and the user 


Lets face it, no one bought the velops for 2.4ghz they all want the speed at 5ghz, at full signal strength, in every area of their home. Otherwise what's the point... you may as well buy one of the larger and faster EA range.


Speaking of EA... I currently have the velops in a separate area for testing with no more than 6ft between them and still getting the above issues. My main house wifi is back on the EA8300 which gives me a solid 220mbps, no drop outs, no connection issues and 5ghz where I want it.


Wondering if I should be putting these back in the box and returning them to Amazon!