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Velop logs



I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I was really enjoying my Velop system, but unfortunately my internet connection has become really unstable. None of this is due to the Velop itself, but my incredibly awful BT line. I've messed around with different routers but the most stable setup I've managed to get is with my Netgear Nighthawk in modem only mode and the Velop as my router. This is the most stable option, however because my BT line is so awful, I'm still experiencing about 50 +  random disconnections a day. My problem is that I don't have record of these disconnections as the Velop logs don't contain a lot of detail and I can't figure out how to (if it's even possible) to access the logs on my router in modem mode? Is there somewhere in the Velop GUI that shows disconnections from the internet, that I'm not seeing, or is this a question for Netgear?

I'd appreciate any advice!

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Re: Velop logs

Bumping this.


My ISP will be getting in touch soon and I'd really like to be able to point out the DSL drops in a recent log file, without having to set up my entire system again (resetting my router, connecting everything again).

Are there any logs in the Velop system that will show me 'DSL link down' & 'DSL link up'??

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Re: Velop logs

Hello, orlski. In regards to your query, the Linksys Velop has no Log to see the downside of the connection. However, you can try these troubleshooting steps to isolate the issue:


    • Check the connection behind the modem and observe if it's intermittent.
    • In order to check the connection behind the mode, have it wired to the computer.
    • Check the Netgear router (connected wired to the modem) if it's dropping the connection down as well.
    • Run channel finder on the Velop.
    • Check the LED light status on each node.

Hope this helps.

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