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Re: WARNING to potential Velop buyers





So to be honest, basically I'm just flipping a coin and hoping that since the Orbi didn't work for me, maybe the Velop will! Smiley Wink  I have a 2 story home with very poor connection on the second floor without some kind of mesh/extender setup so I'm hoping I'll get lucky.


If not, I'll return it and try Google Wifi next.  

Hey @moashalex


That sounds like a very good strategy - I wish it wasn't too late for me to adopt it. You may also want to look at Asus AIMesh (which is what I would give a go if I could, rather than let Google see any more of my data!).


Of course, it does require a considerable investment of time (and a forgiving family) - not something that should be required for an expensive consumer product.  Smiley Sad

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Re: WARNING to potential Velop buyers

moashalex, do you still have your orbi? maybe a trade is in order Smiley Happy?
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Re: WARNING to potential Velop buyers

I second the Asus AIMesh. Asus is doing it right with that. They are enabling many of their more recent products to be meshed together, not just their new Lyra mesh solution. Asus firmware also gives you access to more advanced features (seriously, Linksys, why can't I enable/disable DHCP and DNS configurations *separately*.... that's not even that advanced).

ALSO, on most of their routers you can flash custom firmware like AsusWRT-Merlin, which is still based on Asus stock firmware releases, but enhances it for performance, stability, security and adds a few useful features. My Asus routers have been rock-solid with that firmware. The only reason I deviated into this mesh arena was to get more range. While the Velop system has delivered on coverage improvement (the only positive), I have been handcuffed by the firmware, and wireless performance is sorely lacking.