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WRT32X and Velop mesh

Hi all,

first time poster and technoilliterate.


I have just bought a WRT32X router and a Velop 2 node system.  


My question is simple and has probably been asked before but is there anyway I can run on network only with the WRT32X as the primary node and the velop nodes just as access points for that network?


Im not even sure if ive asked the question properly..?





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Re: WRT32X and Velop mesh

Hello @bootrossbootross


I'm afraid your WRT32X will not form part of the Velop "mesh" network. You will need to connect a Velop to the router with an ethernet cable, and then you should use your Velop in "bridge mode"


BUT - I hope you are still able to return your kit? The Velop system is unreliable and bug-ridden. Many people on these forums are suffering (and have been suffering for a very long time) from poor quality wifi from the Velops, with drop-outs of signal and required re-starts being the most usual symptoms. I wish I could return mine, but it is too late - don't make the same mistake that I have.


You may want to look through other threads on this board - my views are far from isolated!

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Re: WRT32X and Velop mesh

Ha thanks.

I have got them working in bridge mode but they still broadcast their own wifi, wierd.