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amazon dash button

I've recently purchased the velop 2 pack. Prior to having the velop, i've purchased and added amazon dash buttons without any issues.

Recently I got another amazon dash button, and was unable to set it up - "Sorry, we were unable to register your dash button".


So assuming the button was defective, amazon sent me another dash button. But again today, same issue - unable to register.


Has anyone else had this issue and if so how did you resolve it?



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Re: amazon dash button

This seems a bit odd, mattsierra. Were you able to set up the Velop system properly? Are you having challenges upon connecting other wired or wireless devices as well? If not, so the Velop system should working properly. For isolation, you may try to have that check by Amazon support. 

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Re: amazon dash button

Sorry for the delayed response - but no issues with other wireless devices. I think with having a new dash button sent, trying and getting the same error on two different dash buttons - I feel as though that isolates the issue to the Velop. I've also attempted the setup on 3 different cell phones with the same outcome.
I'm going to setup my old router, and see if i can set the button up.