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Re: iPhone related connectivity issues?

Thanks,i will do it today👍
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Re: iPhone related connectivity issues?

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Re: iPhone related connectivity issues?

I am expiriencing this same problem and it is not issolated to IOS device. We are seeing it on an Android phone too where it gets stuck obtaining an IP address. I was able to get my iPhone connected by renewing the lease on the IP address.


This is a brand new unit (arrived from Amazon today) that I installed at my company to replace its very old Wi-Fi network. I currently am unable to migrate to the Linksys Velop until this issue is resolved. I have even gotten our IT vendor to assist with no solution yet. We have customers and visitors that will require the use of our guest network so I must get this fixed. If I cannot get it working within the 30-day Amazon-return window, i will be forced to return it for another solution.


I am perfectly willing to help in way I can to get this problem resolved.


Brett Davis

Director of Engineering

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Re: iPhone related connectivity issues?

@Brett_Davis Let's get you assisted by our escalation engineers for further diagnosis. Please email us at along with your complete name, location-city/state, phone number, community username, a link to this post, Velop's firmware version and network information.

Rosalyn - 21986
Linksys Technical Support
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Re: iPhone related connectivity issues?

Hi Brett,

Looks like Linksys is asking you to escalate the problem - to be frank, I had my problem escalated about 4 times without any success as they only look at the Linksys setup and spent about 10 hours on the phone with them.


I am not technical at all, but this is my basic understanding of how I resolved my issue.  I think that it is called a Double NAT issue, where basically I had two DHCP servers - this sounds consistent with your IP address problems, which was what I was experiencing.  My velop was setup with with a Modem Router (I am in the UK and use Vodafone as my ISP), and I think that eventhough during the Velop setup they "cater" for this, it did not work.  


I resolved it by switching off my DHCP server on the Modem Router and at the same time, the Modem-Router had a function called "Exposed Host" - my simple understanding is that it assigned a host (via a fixed MAC Address), that would go straight through it to the internet.  I gave the Modem Router the MAC address of my parent node (which was ethernet cable into the Modem-Router) and this exposed the parent directly to the internet.  I understand that the firewall of the Velop will protect me, rather than the Modem-Router firewall.


It is amazing the difference this has made, I have been stable now for about 3 months, no issues at all.  The Velop is a good system once it works, but I was pulling my hair out for about 6 months...  and fortunately, I stumbled across this fix.