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Linksys USB Control Center

Can anyone tell me where to obtain this software?  I'm attempting to install a printer on the USB port on an E4200 Router with the latest firmware.


Than you!

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Re: Linksys USB Control Center

Good day, budb! Click here to download and connect your USB printer to your network using a Mac® computer thru the Linksys USB Control Center software. if you're using a Windows-based computer, you may follow the steps from this link:





Linksys Technical Support 




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Re: Linksys USB Control Center

I'm having an issue with USB Control Center ver.2.2.0 in Windows 10 with a Linksys EA4500 and a Canon Pixma MG3022 printer wired to the router by USB. Everything works fine and is detected properly, prints properly,ect. The issue is when the USB Control center is left open,I get random USB Hub freezes. These effect whichever Hub is being used @ the time and last until rebooted. Un-plugging the mouse-keyboard and replugging have No effect.I'm forced to plugg them into the ports in front of machine(different hub) and continue what I was doing until THAT hub freezes,or I reboot. I've narrowed it down to this only occuring when the USB Control Panel is open in background on my machine. Currently only using app when ready to print then re-closing it.  Here's some system specs.

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Re: Linksys USB Control Center

I have Windows 7 and I use Linksys Control Center 2.2.0 ver. All works fine to reboot. After reboor application no finding my router (wrt1900ac) and I must reinstall this application. After instalation all works perfectly... to reboot my computer :/