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Linksys routers and Shaw 150MBps service issue

Hi All,


I have Shaw's 150/15 Business service with one static IP address.  I have two routers, one is a LinkSys EA7500-CA Max-Stream that I use for personal use, and the other is a LinkSys LRT224 Dual Gigabit router that I use for my business.


The problem: The LinkSys LRT224 router will not provide the proper throughput, it maxes out at about 100MBps.


The LinkSys EA7500-CA router works perfectly, providing 150MBps+ throughput, in either DHCP or static IP configuration.


I just don't see what is different between the two modems. Both are new models, and I don't understand why one works and the other doesn't.


I need to be able configure the LRT224 to provide the maximum throughput for the Shaw 150 Business Internet service that I have.







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Re: Linksys routers and Shaw 150MBps service issue

Are you testing both routers at the same location with the same cables connecting them to the modem and PC? If you are it could be a auto negotiation issue which can be tested by putting a cheap gigabit switch between the modem and LRT

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