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Re: PLWK400 and Windows 10

Your post is from February of 2016, I just bought the same product in December of 2016.  It still is NOT compatible for set-up with Windows 10!!!


Obviously this is not a priority for Linksys.  


I'd also like to add I waited on hold for 30 minutes finally got someone who didn't know what they were doing so I asked to speak to someone else, that person asked for my phone number and then while I was giving it to that person, they hung up on me.


I'd really like to know when they say "Visit for award-winning 24/7 technical support"  who is handing out these awards. Obviously not anyone that has had to deal with the support.  



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Re: PLWK400 and Windows 10

I'm confused because I just downloaded the Linksys Powerline AV Utility v1.7.0.0 from the Linksys support site, it downloaded and installed fine. See screenshot below:




If you know the IP Address your main router gave the PLWK400 you can directly configure it through it's WebUI:




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