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Forced to change router by ISP

Hi I have a linksys EA6300 dual band router with network behind, and configured such that I am making use of the dual band wifi facilities.  I have just upgraded my internet to 5G WIMAX at 50mbps down and 20 mbps up, but the ISP has told me that I have to use its TP-Link N450 router to connect to the modem for their diagnostics.  Can I connect the EA6300 to the TP-Link by ethernet cable and then create a secure secondary LAN using the EA6300 as he router with a mix of wifi connections to either router, but with the EA6300 router connected to my internal powerline network.  I also have a wifi extender to link to external security cameras. Other connections include:


Through WIFI: two android tablets, two android phones and two security cameras.


Through the powerline network two PCs, one printer, two wifi extenders, two samsung televisions  plus wifi extenders.

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Re: Forced to change router by ISP

Hello, miketgiles! It seems so odd that they're advising you to change the router. In fact, the EA6300 is capable enough with your new internet speed service. Anyways, you can actually set the unit as a secondary router with different WiFi networks. Here's how: Regarding the extender, you can actually connect that one to either one of the routers to make your wireless network more stable, and to have a better range. May we know if that is a Linksys Range Extender? 

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