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LRT224 Dual WAN dynamic routing not possible

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I have a  LRT224, on my WAN1 is my primary internet connection, fix IP address /4 Network, everything working. On WAN2 I have an external router connected (which I can't control) with a DHCP server (which I don't want in my LAN).


My default route should be into WAN1, there are just some special I ranges which I need to route to WAN2/the "special" router.


Seems an easy task, but it is extremely complicated to set up - neither of the modes worked for me:


* failover: WAN1 primary, WAN2 backup.

Default Internet works, but the LRT224 doesn't even obain an IP from the DHCP router on WAN2: system status WAN2: - if I click on "refresh" - it tries to get an IP, but stays at

So I suppose this is a bug?


* load balance

sometime works, sometime not. I have all routes set up to work properly, but the "load balance" mode seems to override them in case of a WAN is too "overtrafficed".

So e.g. under Linux, a simple "apt-get update" which fetches many packets from many different IPs, fails at half of the servers because the LRT224 tries to route on WAN2 if WAN1 has much traffic. The problem is that over WAN2 there IS no internet available, like I said, just some special subnets (172.10.x.x e.g.)


* sticky balance

=same as load balance.

In the balance modes the routing table seems so swallow some of the routes set up in "Advanced routing".



What I would need is a 4th mode "fixed routes" - or at least, that the LRT does not "switch off" WAN2 if WAN1 is active in "failover" mode. The DHCP client should not be down - or whatever the reason is that an IP cannot be obtained in failover mode on the backup WAN.


Do I do something completely wrong here?

I even tried to put the second router into LAN4 and configure VLANs, but this didn't work either (despite LAN4 untagged for VLAN2, and LAN4 excluded from VLAN1, it is put into VLAN1) - but that's another issue.


I'm really a little desparated, and am thinking about selling the router again...

Any advice here?

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Re: LRT224 Dual WAN dynamic routing not possible

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The LRT doesn't support separate routing throught the WAN Ports, they are either Failover or Load Balanced.


In Failover the behaviour you mention is how it's suppose to operation. The secondary WAN won't get connected unless the primary WAN is detected as down by NSD.


In Load Balanced (Sticky Load Balancing is really required for proper operation) each outgoing connection will alternate between the WAN ISP connections.


Advanced routing is possible but this has nothing to do with the WAN connection types of Failover or Load Balanced. I recommend instead create VPN connections with outside networks and route through each VPN.

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Re: LRT224 Dual WAN dynamic routing not possible

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I just solved this using the Linksys WRT54GL v1.1, a >15y old router, with Tomato firmware, using VLANs with bridges. 2 hours of flashing, configuring, and setting up, done.

I spent more than 3 days of my life trying to solve that with the LRT224, additionally having trouble with it since more than one year.

I'm a little disappointed, a "business router" should not be that trimmed.


Anyway, thanks for the quick explanation!