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LRT224 VLAN Behavior

I just discovered some interesting tidbits regarding the VLAN functionality of the LRT224 (and presumably the LRT214 as well).


1. It appears that all IPv6 functionality is isolated to the native VLAN (VID=1).  This includes DHCP and Prefix Delegation from your ISP. If you create a seperate VLAN none of the IPv6 related services will pass through to it. I suppose this makes sense. I just never really thought about it until I ran across it this evening. 


2. The PPTP VPN server only works on the native VLAN (VID=1). Also, the Inter VLAN Routing setting on the 802.1q page is not honored for VPN clients. So if you enable Inter VLAN Routing on both the native VLAN (VID=1) and your custom VLAN (VID=x) you still won't be able to access clients on VLAN x while using the builtin VPN.


3. I haven't confirmed this yet for myself, but based on another post (chadster's observations) multicast packets may be forwarded across VLANs. Obviously this is a severe problem if you want to use VLANing for separating IPTV services (like UVerse) from your regular network. 


Based on these observations it's probably best to keep your main network on the native VLAN.


I'm actually UVerse installed tomorrow. I'll keep my Charter internet so I'll plug the UVerse RG into WAN2. The STBs will hook up directly to the RG via my secondary cat6 drops. Hopefully the UVerse RG is smart enough to not flood the LRT224's WAN port with multicast packets. Anyway, if I get time I'll see if I can replicate #3 with the multicast flooding across VLANs. I'll post back if I do the experiment.