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WRT1200AC intermittantly Drops Wired Connections

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We have a WRT1200AC router for our home wired and wireless connections.  Our WRT1200AC is connected to the internet via cable modem and then all wired connections connect to the router via TP-Link smart hub (unmanaged, hub only no DHCP).


Although everything works fine the majority of the time, on a couple of occasions during the past two weeks, all wired connections have lost connection to the router.  All wireless devices can still connect to the router and have internet access, but every wired connection is unable to connect.  The "network" icon will appear on the Windows desktop but the yellow triangle indicating that there is no internet connection appears.  When I try to access the router from one of the wired connections during this time (via the routers IP address), the connection attempt will time out.  I've attempted to reset the router via the web based control panel but it has no effect on the wired connections.  All of the appropriate lights (ethernet, internet, power) on the front of the router remain on and appear normal.  All of the connection and activity lights on the TP-Link hub continue as normal. Powering off and then back on the router (and hub) does not help.  The router's firmware is current and it has not been updated.  The TP link hub is a new addition to our network since we have moved into a larger house.  However, when I am unable to access the router via wired connection, I can still ping another device on the hub/network (as in PC pings another PC).  


So far, the only solution has been to disconnect the ethernet cable from one of the ports on the back of the router and plug into another open port, then power back on.  This seems to work for a week or two then the problem will creep back up again.  


What am I missing?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you.