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i can use the wrt300n rooter only as a switch


i'm new to this forum so sorry if i do anything wrong

so here's the thing

my main modem and router is a b-box3 provided by my isp the thing is that it's in floor 0

my wrt300n is in third floor and they are linked with an RJ45 cable from lan to lan and that works but the wifi is not working (there's no network at all) and i can't access the web portal of the wrt300n (if i put in the browser i get to the bbox portal and not the wrt300n)

can someone help me please ? 

thanks in advance

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Re: i can use the wrt300n rooter only as a switch

Follow the instruction for Cascading "LAN to LAN" in the link below:


Cascading or Connecting a Linksys router to another router


Things to keep in mind when Cascading a router:


  1. Change the secondary router's IP Address to something like so its on the same network but doesn't conflict with the primary router
  2. Make sure DHCP is disabled on the secondary router
  3. Make sure nothing is ever plugged in the secondary router's Internet port
  4. Differentiate between wireless SSID's by location (Ex: Downstairs) and channel

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