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router beeps

Two days ago, for no apparent reason, one of my routers began to beep!  I didn't even know there was a beeping ability on them.  My question is this: if anyone else has experienced this, what do the beeps indicate ... trouble ... resetting?? 
Background info:
1. I have a set-up with 2 routers connected like this: motorola cable modem (sbs120) --> linksys wired router with voip (rt31p2) --> linksys wireless-g (wrt54g).
2. Previous to installing the new wrt54-g, I had a d-link wireless in the same configuration, and it worked flawlessly for about 2 years.
3. I have been experiencing intermittent connectivity problems over the last 2 months since I purchased a wireless network printer (hp) and the wrt54-g wireless router (w/secure easy setup). I purchased the new router w/secure easy setup to ensure less networking headache.
3. I had trouble w/the first wrt54-g router, so I returned it. It was replaced, and the replacement seemed to be okay, but was also not providing consistant connectivity. 
5. After the beeping, it seems my connectivity issues might be resolved (need to let a few more days go by before making that assumption). 
I just want to know why my router beeped and what it might mean. 
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Re: router beeps