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Question : Are there any Linksys products that have been compromised by the Corporation that manufactures Computer processers , that recently revealed that they have had a security flaw in their product for the last several years.


Has this effected any Linsysky Products ? .


I was thinking that i needed a ferm ware update . 


Yet the firmware for the Linksys Router LRT214 at Linksys web page has a date of 02 / 03 / 2017 .

While i did just recently purchase this prodect in 12 / 31 / 2017.


Linksys Instructions do state that if the Router has no version number then it is V 1 . That is Linsys communication , only placing a 1 in the communication .

And the firmware at Linksys shows  Ver .


So just what is the Routers actuall version numbers  ? . There is no info on the Router for version numbers . And the last firmware software was upgraded before the LRT214 Router was shiped .


what is the date , when the Router found a box to rest in ?  before being shiped off to a customer .



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Re: security

Hi, acustomer. if you're referring to the Krack Vulnerability update, you may refer to this link for the following affected routers along with their firmware updates. It also includes the version numbers of the affected routers.

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