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WUSB300N Vista Install Suggestions

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If you've encountered problems installing WUSB300N in computers wih the Vista operating system here are some tips gleaned from countless hours attempting to make the adapter function consistently.  First, Linksys advises don't use the Wizard on the install disc.  Good info.  Install the Windows Vista Linksys driver into a file on your hard drive.  Write down the location.  Next, click the Start button and in the search bar type "msconfig".  A window will appear click on the "Services" tab and check "Hide All Microsoft Services".  Next make sure all boxes are checked and then click "Disable All".  Next go to the "Startup" tab and click "Disable All".  I found that there are conflicts with some of these drivers but have not identified which ones.  Next go to the Start button click "Control Panel" click "Device Manager" go to "Network Adapters" and if you tried installing the adapter right click the adapter go to "uninstall" the Linksys Wireless Adapter and click.  Be sure to check the box that asks if you want to delete the network adapter's driver.  This will not affect the driver you have downloaded in a separate location on your hard drive.  Unplug the adapter from the USB port now otherwise the operating system will attempt to reinstall it.  Close all Windows and shut down the computer.  Reboot the computer.  Disregard the "msconfig" window and do not restart the computer.  Now install the Linksys Vista driver by following the on screen instructions.  When complete plug the usb adapter into the computer.  You may be asked to locate the driver and you use the browse button to identify the file location.  The operating system will load the driver.  The message should read "Linksys Adapter Successfully Installed".  Reboot the machine.  Disregard the notice about msconfig and do not restart the machine.  Give the adapter time to identify your wireless network or configure a profile in Network Center & Sharing.  You can make sure your configuration is correct by clicking on Start type COMMAND then enter.  A DOS command window will open then type ipconfig/all.  The result will show that all your lan related adapters are not functioning and your wireless WUSB300N is functioning.  Look for the following:
Physical Address: (Indicated)
Dhcp Enabled: Yes (If you don't use a static address)
Autoconfiguration Enabled: Yes
IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DHCP Server, DNS Servers should all be indicated.  If any information is missing try reinstalling once again.  I found that this procedure made the appropriate connection with my WRT300N router and it works consistently without interruption.  I did go back and enable all services and startups after successfully installaing the adapter and encountered no problems.  Hope this helps you!    

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