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WUSB600N _ view command prompt _ I'm confused...

Any assistance is appreciated.. I'm viewing the wireless adapter information via command prompt.  

It shows Driver: Linnksys WUSB600N wireless-N USB adapter with dual band version 2.

Below it shows Type: Native Wi - Fi Driver

Next: Radio types supported: 802.11b 802.11a 802.11g..   No 802.11n

So is the Linksys definitely using 802.11N and that is describing the internal adapters profile?

I'm guessing that is so, but I wanted to be certain..  What made me look into this is that I just connected 

A FIOS Quantum 1750ac Dual Band router and this computer in question - the wireless connection is only 

130Mbps = apx 16MBps..   This seems very low considering what I've believed wireless N and a good 

router should achieve..  thanks for any information in advance...