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WUSB6300 keeps disconnecting Windows 10

Since the KB4013418 update from Microsoft on March 14, 2017, I've had severe issues with my WUSB6300. It disconnects and reconnects constantly. 

I've noticed that there's not been an updated driver since last April.

Is anyone else having this issue?

The adapter is connected to my laptop directly with a USB 2.0 port.

The router I use is a EA6350.

No other devices on my network is having the same issue. The built in wifi card on my laptop is just fine with connection when I enabled it for testing (its not AC, hence why I got the adapter early 2016)

I've tried all ports on the laptop with the same problem.


Many people have complained that USB Network adapaters have had issues since KB4013418 was released. The advice is usually the same - update your driver. 

Is Linksys looking into this? 

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Re: WUSB6300 keeps disconnecting Windows 10

A Windows forum user reports that he below might fix this Windows Update's issues:


1. Access "Troubleshooting" by either going to control panel - all control panel items - troubleshooting, 

2. Click "fix problems with windows update"

3. Allow the program to troubleshoot as admin

4. The program will perform registry scans and examine update history to see if there were any issues.

5. The program will announce detected problems and correct them as necessary.

6. Once complete, run windows update by hitting 'check for updates' in control panel.


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Re: WUSB6300 keeps disconnecting Windows 10

Hi, I was have a problem with the WUSB6300 and the 1900acs modem after the recent Windows 10 update.


I went looking for a driver, finding that the driver I was running with was Realtek, I went to their site and found a 4/6/2017 driver that matched the hardware defined in the 'Inf Section' under the Details tab.


In my case the value was -->  Belkin_RTL8812au.ndi.NT. The RTL8812au is what matched on the Realtek site in my case.


I found the driver at, click on Downloads, then hover over Communications Network ICs, Wireless LAN ICs, WLAN NIC, USB, and click on Software.


Driver version is 1030.17.1101.2016, it seems to work great so far. Speed is back and if it is disconnecting, I do not notice.

Odd thing is only one of the blue LEDs flash, the other is off.

Hope this helps.

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Re: WUSB6300 keeps disconnecting Windows 10

See another solution I posted few months ago:


Or in short, use Windows 8.1 drivers.