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Best Router For Big Home - Darwin Horan

Any suggestions or tips to choose the best router?


Darwin Horan

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Re: Best Router For Big Home - Darwin Horan

How big are you talking? Do you know the square footage, and how many floors?

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Re: Best Router For Big Home - Darwin Horan

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Linksys quite have a range of routers.  Best might be really depending on the budget you have, to get the best bang for the buck. 


If budget is not an issue, we have to ask what current devices you have and how big the home really is in terms of sqft.  If this is a typical big house home with probably wireless smart automations, appliances, computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.  I can suggest the VELOP mesh system for you.  You can find more of the product on this link  You may need 2 sets of these if you really have a very large household.


If in case budget is a concern, you will need to do some a bit of trial and add.  Meaning, buy one router, then extend it to the needed places in your house.  If you buy a router and bunch of range extenders outright, this may not be a good step since you may find out later that either you puchase too many extenders or you bought the wrong router for your devices, so better get the Velop in this case.  We really need know what kind of devices you have since these devices have wirelees standards.  Wireless standard AC is just becoming common on households, but if mixed with wireless N standards it may not perform well due to mixed standards.  Usually wireless N standards are a bit old devices.  So if you have alot more N than AC devices at home, it is better to get them all running on N than AC unless you buy a tri-band router.  Here are a few suggested router to buy.


Triband best router in case you have mixed N and AC devices is EA9500.  A bit pricey but can do the job well.  Combined it to RE9000 ( repeater to extend the signal more.  Almost will reach the Velop pricepoint but sometimes EA9500 ( is already enough to get signal on a big house. 


Dual band router which you will need to buy if you have more N devices than AC devices with the best value is EA8500 (  You can extend this using RE7000 (