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Custom firmware for EA9300

Upgraded to a EA9300 from device running Shibby Tomato.

Like the router so far but the QOS customization is abysmal.

I’m wondering if there any custom firmware for this router yet?

If not, I may setup my old router for pure QOS on lan and make it the default gateway to show traffic.

No QOS outbound is sad, having a bit of buyers remorse.

Any tips?
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Re: Custom firmware for EA9300

For anyone with this same issue - I'm going to try this:


Set the 9300 in bridge mode as an access point - then disable wifi on my old asus N66U running tomato, and use that as my router.


It'll go from Cable Model -> N66U -> EA9300


I hope to get all the benefits of the MU-MIMO triband router with the granular traffic control of Tomato.


I'll disable traffic shaping on the EA9300 and see if I'm able to get the control I'm after. 


I currently have 22 devices on the network, but when everything is enabled, it's more like 30. 


If this works as expected, I'll probably get my hands on an AC66U to replace this older N66U. 


The range on the EA9300 is much better, but still frustrated I didn't get a WRT model.


If this doen't work, I'll probably have to ebay this ea9300 and either go with a WRT model or the newly announced ASUS AIMesh approach. 


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Re: Custom firmware for EA9300



So far so good - but you loose a *massive* amount of functionality when you put the EA9300 in bridge mode.


Not just DHCP, but things like Guest network - which seems insane.


But so far so good - I updated my old ASUS to Shibby 1.40. I'm getting the same range and speeds.


I'm doing QOS on the asus and it's working pretty well. I may stick the antenna back on it and make that my guest WIFI.


Overall - it works - but the my verdict is I'll sell this EA9300 and go with something else. 


Super disappointing. The EA9300 is marketed (and priced) as a relatively powerful home router.  


Limiting QOS to a) inbound and b) 3 devices is shortsighted. I have playstation VUE, and 5 fire sticks running it. VUE supports 5 devices, yet my router doesn't.


Additionally, outbound QOS is non-existent. For things like backup services, dropbox, iCloud - come ON linksys!  Saturating your upstream will crush your streaming and gaming.  Gigantic oversight.


I'd give this router 2 out of 5 stars (or 4 out of 10).  


It excels in coverage and speed. I have a 1.5 story 3200 sq foot home and I can get a signal anywhere on my property (1 ac). 


Feature wise, though, especially for a multi-TV cord cutter - it should be avoided.

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Re: Custom firmware for EA9300

You said it all. EA9300 is marketed and priced as a powerful home router. But with lack of firmware updates and basic functionality missing, I'm already regretting the $299. What a shame.