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EA8500 Problems

I have a Linksys EA8500 that is about 4 months old, when I first installed the router it worked flawlessly and continued to work fine until about two weeks ago. I noticed I was losing remote connection ability to my security cameras first, then my network speeds started to gradually decline. Speedtest before the issues started were 200/17 mbps now they are 45/15mbps. I connect directly to the modem and I get 200/17 but I called my isp just to verify there were no issues. I then moved to the router, I did a complete default reset and nothing changed. I then updated the firmware still no fix. I pulled a spare Netgear that I had and is pulls a 175/17mbps. Any ideas on what is going on? Thanks in advance.

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Re: EA8500 Problems

Below are some of my standard Smart Wifi firmware recommendations:


Optimal settings:


  1. Enable Media Prioritization with Downstream Bandwidth set to ISP maximum download speed in mbps * 1024 for kbps
  2. Enable WMM Support (Default)
  3. Wireless 5Ghz Protocol Mixed
  4. Wireless 5Ghz Channel Width Auto
  5. Wireless 2.4 Protocol "g\n Only" or "N Only"
  6. Wireless 2.4Ghz Channel Width Auto
  7. Both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz Wireless Security "WPA2 Personal" not mixed

The trick is that MP needs to be correctly configured once and then enabled and disabled. After that you can decide if MP is needed. This initializes the QOS system properly.

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Re: EA8500 Problems

I have tried everything I cannot get this router above 45mbps wired. Its actually getting worse. I have had readings as low as .04 mbps.
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Re: EA8500 Problems

can you tell us the exact number you entered following chadsters list for number 1? it is pretty critical to have that number right. What is your isp speed supposed to be?

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Re: EA8500 Problems

Hello All, I have the same Issue now and Speed is drastically Down below 30mbps. 


Any Fixes ?  Thanks Raj