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Re: EA8500 keeps dropping connections

Even in the case that it will work, I have no use for such a configuration... too many devices in the household that are running Android 

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Re: EA8500 keeps dropping connections

I was looking for answers and stumbled onto this thread.


My issues were internet connection dropping whenever a device at home is powered on or off, i.e. PS4, turning on Skype on my computer which have a direct wired connection to the router, or making/receiving any VOIP calls.


I rolled back from 1.1.8, 1.1.7, 1.1.5 and still had the same issues and finally did a download for and the issue have been resolved.


I have had this router for 2 years and it never gave me any problems up till now. Hope a new update will fix this issue.

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Re: EA8500 keeps dropping connections


I was having issues with my EA8500 after the last firmware update as well. My first indication that a problem was occurring was when my Serviio Media Center disappeared from all my devices. I was able to get it back by manually update the latest firmware using Internet Explorer instead of Chrome (or any other web browser). It’s about the one thing IE is good for.

It seems that every time an automatic update of firmware happens, my router goes crazy. Manual updating seems to be the only correction. At this time, Serviio is back and all is well.