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EA9500 Ping and RDP issues



I have just purchased and installed the new linksys router EA9500.  3 wired and 20 wireless connetions on it. All computers and devices have full internet connectivty, and speeds seem good for now.


However I can no longer ping any of the computers on my network. Nor can I RDP into them either.


I have looked over the settings and tried playing with the internal firewall but nothing seems to have any change.


All computers are set to use DHCP, they seem to get a connection right away. But just no ablity to cross talk on the LAN.


Does anyone know what else to try?



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Re: EA9500 Ping and RDP issues

Disable or configure the PC firewalls to allow access on the newly detected network.

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Re: EA9500 Ping and RDP issues

Hey thanks, this pointed me on the right track.


The issue was 2 fold.


I had to set the new network to trusted in Windows, and in my Non-Windows Firewall.


I thought the firewal might be the case, but I didn't explorer it because I know I didn't change any rules. When you said "New" Network that is what tipped me off to look a bit deeper.


Thanks again!