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EA9500 Router and Short Wifi Range...

Just got a new ea9500 and set it up. We have a wired/wifi network in our home. Easy setup, and now have faster wired speeds. Wifi is very fast, but range is very disappointing. I was on with linksys tech support chat and then it was disconnected.


So I'm trying to figure out what I can do to improve wifi range on the ea9500. Our house is a one story and there are lots of walls, and there is also another wifi network close by (coming from xfinity modem). Could the proximity to the other wifi router be causing problems with the ea9500, and if so, how much might this be impacting performance? If I can just get the wifi range up a bit this will be a superb device for our home. Thanks.

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Re: EA9500 Router and Short Wifi Range...

Bought AC5000, model # EA9400 and Modem model CM3016 in December for Holiday discount.

March 6 just installed them.

Modem need assistance from the Internet provider (Activation), and connection is great up to 100Gabites.

Connected to EA9400 the router...was quite challenging and end up call the support center.

After spending1 hour 35 minutes ...they found out the Router is bad.

They promise to send replacement, receive the email right away,re: info for sending the replacement.

Only @ step 4 they required my Credit card info, and I discontinue the process.


At last I swap back my old combo modem and router (Motorolla Surfboard)

I will return the EA9400 to the store (my 90 days return policy is the next day...ughhh.