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Ea9300 - problem and features

1st. I cant seem to use band steering because AC wifi in the higher channels gives me Dialup speed thruput. I hae tried both intel and realtec wifi adapters with the same results on Windows 10 1709.  Lower range channels work fine.



2nd,,,its been 6 months at least sence the release of the EA9300.. where are our promised feature upgrades?????   


i quote 



upcoming features (via automatic firmware update)

  • Dual WAN – Dual WAN can aggregate the bandwidths of two WAN connections to achieve a higher Internet bandwidth greater than 1Gbps
  • Link Aggregation – Supports up to 2Gbps for file transfer
  • Advanced Band Steering – Auto select the most appropriate band between 2.4 and 5Ghz for client devices to achieve the best Wi-Fi performance
  • DFS Channels Support – DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) will provide up to four times more channels within the 5GHz band helping to improve the internet speed with less traffic congestion. This feature can help users achieve true lag free 4K content streaming
  • OpenVPN Server- VPN feature allows users too remotely and securely access resources shared within their home local area network

The Linksys AC4000 MU-MIMO Tri-Band Router (EA9300) is available immediately on, Amazon and Best and is planned to be available at Best Buy, B& H, Fry’s, Meijer, Micro Center, Nebraska Furniture Mart, New Egg, Office Depot and Walmart this weekend for an estimated street price of USD $299.99.



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Re: Ea9300 - problem and features

EA9300 seems to be a second class citizen for Linksys.