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Linksys EA2750 Gaming Lag Issue



I have a wireless Linksys EA2750 router using firmware version: When I do anything else but gaming everything is fine. However, when I play multiplayer games I get a large ping spike every 5-10 seconds.


My current wireless settings are:




Any ideas/suggestions?



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Re: Linksys EA2750 Gaming Lag Issue

Hi, bcostello. The wireless settings of the router seems fine. The probable cause of this might be the graphic settings. For isolation, you may try to go to the graphic options of the computer and check for options that can help reduce high ping. You may try these other workarounds as well:


  • Close any backgroud programs and websites when playing
  • Use local servers
  • Move closer to the router or have it wired to it.
  • Power cycle the router
  • Check the wireless devices that are connected if their having connection issues.
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Re: Linksys EA2750 Gaming Lag Issue

Thank you for your help.