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Need to get rid of "DNS Suffix Search List" from ISP (Comast:

Hi folks, I'm trying to get rid of "Connection-specific DNS Suffix Search List" in Windows client, which I believe is passed from Linksys Wifi router. I checked several previous posts with similar situation, but cannot find any solution. Please let me know if this is an OP, and thanks in advance.


My situation:

Device: Linksys AC1750 MU-MIMO Gigabit Router

ISP: Comcast Business

DNS: I have my own local DNS set to with private search suffix ""

DHCP: I have my own local DHCP set to as well, which push DNS and routes to clients. The router's DHCP is turned off.



For Window client only, it gets "" automatically from ISP, and sent to Window clients. This doesn't make any sense since there are no hosts I will need from "", so this interferes with my own "" internal domain suffix.



For Windows client DNS search suffix, but this sucks because if I move my laptop to other places, this needs to be changed or turned off.


See pictures below:









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Re: Need to get rid of "DNS Suffix Search List" from ISP (Comast:

Okay, I'm answering my own question. Basically, the extra DNS suffix is carried from router's IPv6 instead of my ipv6 dhcp. See the picture:




It is really annoying because I have already disabled the "IPv6 settings from the linksys router" but somehow it is still inserting ipv6 of the router itself as first DNS server. 




Since I was unable to disabe ipv6 from router, so I'll have to disable ipv6 for Windows client. Microsoft provide several policy fixes for this:


Basically, you can choose to prefer ipv4 or ipv6. However, in my case, it only works if I disable ipv6 completely.


Please let me know if there's a way to disable sending out ipv6 for DNS from the router. Thanks.






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Re: Need to get rid of "DNS Suffix Search List" from ISP (Comast: