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Re: OpenDNS Testing

To achieve the best DNS, please use a Google App called Name Bench.

However before running this app, please run these commands.

**if running Windows OS**

1. Run cmd, then type route /f

2. ipconfig /flushdns

3. ipconfig /release

4. ipconfig /renew

5. Download namebench from Google

6. Right-click it, run as administrator

7. All Linksys routers from EA6900 and later use the default gateway's IPv4 address as the default DNS server address.

8. After namebench completes, it will give you the best DNS server address to use

9. tracert (which means trace route your DNS server to verify its timing.

    A. tracert

    B. Pay attention to the number of hops or how many connections it takes to get to its final destination.






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Re: OpenDNS Testing

this solved my problem. thanks!
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Re: OpenDNS Testing

Since day one, my router every now and then would need a reboot to fix it's DNS (EA7500).


I set it's DNS to my ISP's (comcast's) primary and secondary. Once I did that, funky business started happening. None of my clients (phone, xbox, laptop) could connect to the internet. I figured out it was the DNS (ping, but not


I tried setting the DNS back to, but it didn't change anything. Nothing I did would fix the clients to be able to automatically resolve to the correct DNS (I know they are supposed to show ' because that's what Linksys wants, it was, but it wasn't resolving).


The temporary fix was a router reboot and it would work for a couple minutes to an hour.

I tried a router firmware rollback, didn't change, router update, no change.


The only fix here is to factory reset your router and set it up from scratch. Once I did that, I set:


DNS2: ISP Primary (

DNS3: ISP Secondary (


And all seems well....for now.


Come on linksys. I trusted you guys


Another issue resolved!

If you have an Xbox One and are doing port forwarding to open your NAT, Microsoft has you Port Forward DNS (53 TCP/UDP).

I turned that one rule off and my DNS is working again and I still have an open NAT!