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VPNFilter Malware Update

VPNFilter Malware (Date: 5/25/18)


Linksys is aware of the notification from US-CERT and Talos regarding the malware, referred to as VPNFilter.  We believe that VPNFilter is proliferating itself using known vulnerabilities in older versions of router firmware (that customers haven’t updated) as well as utilizing common default credentials.  We advise customers that if they have older routers or routers that do not support automatic updates (or have disabled automatic updates) that they update the latest firmware from our website on the individual product pages.  As we always do, we strongly encourage users to change the administration password periodically.  Newer Linksys routers include automatic software downloads and change default passwords during set up so newer Linksys mesh and EA/WRT routers are not known to be affected.   If customers believe they have been infected, we recommend customers update to the latest firmware and perform a factory reset of their router.  To perform a factory reset, instructions can be found here: