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WRT3200ACM can't forward port 80

I need port 80 forwarded to my NAS for a short time in order to be able to install an SSL cert on it.

However, I have tried Single Port Forwarding, Port Range Forwarding, App/Game forwarding, and even DMZ all to no avail.


It seems any time I hit my public IP on 80, I'm directed to the smartwifi login page. Aside from this being annoying in my particular circumstance, it seems incredibly risky!


When I go to Connectivity -> Administration, I'm shown that I cannot shut off HTTP access to the admin portal!


Does anybody have a solution on how to PFWD 80 on these routers?



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Re: WRT3200ACM can't forward port 80

Solution to this seems to be disabling a setting under Security:



Before doing this none of my port forwarding rules would work to hit my NAS. After unchecking this box, even port 80 forwards correctly.

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Re: WRT3200ACM can't forward port 80

Hi, I have the same problem, but your solution didn't worked for me.

Could you please share the rest of the configs with me?



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Re: WRT3200ACM can't forward port 80

My 80 is pointing to the router. Where can I change port 80 from the outside rather than the router, but another device through port 80?