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WRT3200ACM lights...

Well, I am sorry if this is a redundant post, but I have searched all over the place here and at other sites, including nthe Linksys site and have found nothing that answers the questions I have.


Either links lead to dead ends or when someone does have an explanation they leave huge gaps in explaining how to do what they are describing.


I have a new WRT3200ACM and this router worked fine at first.  Now I have a router that only has the power double-flashing every other second.


I cannot ping it, I cannot tftp to it and I cannot anything that states what this particular power light flashing actually means.


I would love to know whether or not this router is bricked?

I would love to know how to disassemble the router to get to the serial header if I have to go that direction.


Even the linksys site only explains so much.  They have a link, for example, that takes you to a page that explains the different lights.  Linksys says you will find the explanation about the red light, which means your router cannot no longer be fixed.

But the page linked to has NO explanation of that red light.  There is no red light on he WRT3200AC anyway.

Just the orange Internet light.


Any serious and educated response is greatly appreciated.





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Re: WRT3200ACM lights...

Tried a factory reset yet? Hold the recessed reset button until the lights flash for about 16 seconds then release. Other possibities are maybe the power brick has gone bad? Or wrong one? Or bad firmware load? What were you doing when it quit?

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Re: WRT3200ACM lights...

I tried a factory reset.  Its a brand new router.  Out of the box for only a couple of days.  Correct power adapter.


I flashed DD-WRT to it successfully and was using that for a couple of hours.  I decided to go back to the Linksys firmware and followed the steps to do that.  Exactly.  But now I have a brand new router and only the powerlight is on and it does a double flash at about every second or just a tad longer interval.


No response to pings.  However, if I plug in a network cable from my computer to one of the ethernet ports, that light comes on.


All I am trying to figure out is this:  Is this router bricked?  Is it repairable or completely no good?

If it is not bricked, do I have to open it up and upload the firmware via a USB-Serial connection?


Thanks for response and suggestions.  When I try to press the reset button and hold it, there is no change at all in the lights.  The router does not change at all.



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Re: WRT3200ACM lights...

You didn't do a 30/30/30 reset did you?

Have you tried the on/off method, described here in the red What to do if something goes wrong ?

And yes you can recover it by serial as long as the flash memory isn't going bad,


Here are a few more links on how to do it by serial that Chadster766 did,

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Re: WRT3200ACM lights...

I have a question about the serial connection and restoring the firmware.


In the links you provided it says to use a specific Debian firmware flavor.  Can I just use the Linksys firmware file in its place?


I would love to get this router back to square one.


Thanks again for the responses.  I sincerely appreciate your assistance.  I am experienced at serial connections, etc, And I even have an older WRT54G no longer in use, that has dd-wrt on it and it worked great.  I just want to make sure I make the next steps carefully so I don permanently brick a new router.





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Re: WRT3200ACM lights...

I also do not know how to make a McDebian USB root file system.

I thought I just pushed whatever firmware file I wanted up to the router from my computer.
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Re: WRT3200ACM lights...

I also am not familiar with U-Boot.
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Re: WRT3200ACM lights...

I succeeded in flashing the firmware (rango.img) using the serial connection.


However, even though the wireless network lights work, they are not coming on even though the radios are enabled.


Have no idea what this issue would be.


Also, no matter what the filename was for the image file, and even though I would put that filename in the commandline, it always looks for the image file 'rango.img'.


I do not understand why this is.  SP I just changed the name of the stock linksys image file for this router to 'rango.img'.


If anyone could shed some light on this and the WiFi lights not coming on, I would be very grateful.


Thanks again to those who provided ideas, advice and assistance.

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Re: WRT3200ACM lights...

I wanted to let you know that I was able to rescue my WRT3200ACM.  I used the USB to Serial method.

However, the two lights on the front that indicate when your 2.4ghz and 5ghz WiFi radios are on do not come on anymore.


The radios are on in the firmware and I tried to shut them off and then back on but no dice.  Wifi lights do not come on anymore.


The ONLY time they come on is when you first turn on or reset the router.  So I know they work and that the router "sees" them.


Any ideas?


By the way, along with other research, your suggestions helped me to determine what I would need to do to unbrick this router.

So I will give kudos to you for help and knowledge.


No I just need to get the darn lights for WiFi to come back on!  ;0)



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Re: WRT3200ACM lights...

Hi, jimmyjames. We'd like to have this checked further. Please send us an email at along with your phone number, location (state & country), community username, and the link to this thread for reference.

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