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WRT3200ACM media server stops being detected

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I owned a WRT3200 ACM a month ago.
I have one external drive connected to it and the media server enabled.
After the router starts, the media server works fine and can be discovered from all the devices. But some time after using it, it stops and can't be used anymore.

If you restart the router, the media server starts to work again.

The firmware version is
If you go to it says that the DLNA server is "MiniDLNA v1.1.5"

The access to folders is always available from Windows, so I think that is a problem with the DLNA server, but unfortunately the router software doesn't allow to try anything else than basic stuff.

If anyone has some idea about this, would be helpful.

Thanks in advance

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Re: WRT3200ACM media server stops being detected

How many items do you have that are be picked up by the media server? 10,000? 20,000? 100,000? I have one drive that I can't attach because it seems to "blow up" the media server with too many items. Especially if it seems to go offline after a day or two and you have lots and lots of media, it may be overflowing the allowable size of the database and image caching that the media server is trying to do. 


In that case, try cutting down the number of media items detected to a few dozen at first, and see if it will stabilize.

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Re: WRT3200ACM media server stops being detected

There is a newer version on the support page for the 3200acm. It is only on the support page and not showing under the gui or with auto.

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Re: WRT3200ACM media server stops being detected

That was the problem indeed. Thanks!
I removed the folder which have a huge number of files and it worked.
My question is, is this a limit of a maximum number of files supported by this DLNA server? is there a way to change the DLNA server to better one?


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Re: WRT3200ACM media server stops being detected

Glad it was helpful, from what I can tell - it seems like the available memory buffer space isn't capped properly in the software - so whenever the amount of items cached goes over the available space, it just fails. 


the factory firmware doesn't allow you to monitor the amount of memory or move the cache database outside of memory,


DD-WRT would allow you to do so, (Value is DB PATH)  to ensure you cn get a large number of items cached. 


Discussion of the value is here: